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Brief Introduction

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  Shandong Dingding Chemical Co., Ltd, located in No.292, Weigao Road, Gaoqing, Zibo, Shandong China, was founded in 2009.The main product covers new environmental impact modifier MBS resin, ACR resin, ASA powder with high content of rubber, ACM resin, SAN resin, matting agent and lubricant.

  The company follows market-oriented, R&D-based customer-centric management policy and provide sustainable and consistent quality products and solution to the customers. The company has established an industry-university-research integration joint venture with Yantai University、Qilu Petrochemical Research Institute, Shandong University of Science and Technology, The company has become a technology-leading enterprise with strong technology research and development ability, product production capacity and certain technical reserves after ten years of development. The company has passed ISO9001-2015 quality system certification.

  The company adheres to the business philosophy of "integrity-based, quality excellence, win-win cooperation ". Relying on stable and reliable product quality, timely and accurate information feedback from the customers, sound after-sales service mechanism and appropriate problem solutions for the customers, the company has won the recognition of more and more customers from domestic and abroad ,and the product is being sold better and better.

  The company is committed to “becoming a continuous innovator in China's plastics additives industry” as its own responsibility. In the next few years, taking the customers and the market needs as guidance, taking the customer satisfaction as aim, the company will continuously invest and improve in product development, quality control management, business scale, production efficiency, contribution to local government, corporate brand, etc, so as to boost its development potential.

  We firmly believe that the company will emerge with a brand new image and refresh unprecedented vitality, with our persistent effort and progress.

  We firmly believe that as we continu。