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Companies adhere to the people-oriented, care for the humanities and construction concepts of workers and staff for the plant in all pension insurance, medical insurance, work injury insurance and other five risks, to solve the staff's worries, so that the majority of workers can work peace of mind to plant for the home to more Great enthusiasm into production. The construction of basketball courts, table tennis room and other fitness and recreational facilities, the company every year 51, eleven, New Year's Day organize different kinds of entertainment, such as basketball, table tennis, tug of war, etc., but also send employees to participate in district level , Municipal organizations and other sports and recreational activities, enrich the cadres and workers of amateur life, cohesion, morale, improve the enthusiasm of the work, inspired the construction of Guangheng enthusiasm.

Every year, the company regularly organizes occupational health check-ups to ensure employees' physical and mental health and provides special funds to ensure the long-term and orderly development of their occupational health work. The company always treats employee benefits as a major event in business development. At the beginning of each year, the Company adjusts the salary according to the local industry wage level and the market growth rate. The wage level of the employees is always maintained in the upper middle reaches of the same industry wage, which effectively protects the employees' economic benefit.