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Talent Concept

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When the enterprise develops to a certain stage, in order to seek sustainable development in a highly competitive market, the enterprise must have the correct strategy, good organizational management skills and a team of professional ethics, which is undoubtedly the basis for the development of the entire company .

Only well-trained, through the excellent team division of labor collaboration, effective implementation of the market strategy, enterprises can develop soundly. As a leading provider of network equipment, deep convincing of human resources training mainly for R & D personnel, customer service staff, market personnel three categories. In 2008, the company formally cooperated with internationally renowned human resources companies to formulate a scientific talent quality model. By clarifying the requirements of the Company's strategy on the competency requirements of qualified personnel, Shenzhen Xinxin convinced personnel to select qualified personnel for promoting the strategic development of the Company. Deeply convinced that the general implementation of three-year training of staff entry plans:

career planning

For new recruits, the company will conduct different skills and cultural training based on job characteristics. Human Resources Department issued a standardized system processes, organize professional lecturer team, the development of targeted courses, basic knowledge of new employees, product knowledge, professional shape, corporate culture and other aspects of training.

With basic job skills and career direction, the company will initially plan out personal career development plans based on the individual's ambitions and capabilities as manifested in the work. For R & D staff, convinced convinced to provide technical experts, technical executives dual-channel development path. Technology experts focus on technology development and innovation to solve technical problems; technical executives good grasp of the project direction and product planning, to lead the team to complete the development tasks; Similarly, for customer service staff, marketing staff, convincing also provides business direction and management direction Talent training direction.

Will be divided into business work core quality, professional job quality, leadership quality of three points, to put in different people appropriate training methods. Such as through the mentor system, so that the same type of talent training counterparts, rapid increase. For the talents who mainly focus on the technical route, the Company continuously strengthens the post ability and achievement pride of technical talents through systematic technical training, actual project experience accumulation and learning among technical talents. For talents who take the technical management route, After accumulating considerable technical capabilities, the company will train its leading R & D team, lead the operation of the project, communicate with customers and market colleagues, accumulate its ability to control projects and products, and continuously improve its leadership.

The above career development plan is not static. Through the closed-loop process of talent selection, training, appointment, use and education, companies and individuals constantly adjust their professional development direction and let the company and the individual choose the optimal development path.